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Let AI transform your videos into ready-to-post viral clips in a single click.

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Time-saving powerhouse AI editor

Our AI saves you time and effort by finding the most compelling parts of your video and transforming them into short video clips optimized for six social platforms. With eye-catching titles, dynamic formats, face centering, filler word removal and accurate and engaging captions, your clips are post-ready in a single click.

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Simplify your social posting, amplify your reach

Effortlessly post to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube with our seamless integration. Watch your audience grow on each platform while reclaiming time spent on individually uploading the same content over and over.

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Schedule Your Social Media Sharing

Streamline sharing your clips across social platforms. Customize your clip posting schedule by pre-scheduling specific dates and times, or let our auto-scheduler queue daily, strategically-timed shares for you.

Drive your audience to discover more

Promote your podcast, brand, or site with a customizable and clickable post-roll image and a customizable link at the end of each clip.

Get 20 clips free

Sharing, your way

Give sneak peeks to guests and collaborators with individual links for each clip. Highlight clips on your website with an embeddable video player. Or share all your published clips in a dedicated video podcast on Apple Podcasts with our integrated Video RSS feed.

Team collaboration made easy

Centralize your clip management with distinct clip profiles, each with its own connected social destinations. Empower your team members to collaborate on editing and publishing your clips while maintaining the overall picture of your team’s content creation.

Get 20 clips free

How can you use it?

Get 20 clips free


How does clipping with AI work?

AI analyzes a variety of data sources to identify trending content and similarities within your video. To discover highlights, it also evaluates the unique requirements of various social platforms to optimize your clips for them not only in terms of format but also content. Additionally, it incorporates the information provided in your clip profile to find the best moments within your video. Using these insights, it creates engaging, coherent clips optimized with titles and captions that capture attention. It packages these clips into social media posts with eye-catching titles, ready to be posted.

What type of video content can I clip?

Clipping currently works best for videos with substantial spoken content, for example, video podcasts, interviews, speeches, tutorials, etc.

What languages are supported?

Clipping currently works for videos in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French.

Do I need to be on a specific plan to have clipping?

Clipping is currently available on the Growth plan or higher. All of our paid plans offer free 14-day trials for new users and existing users who have not previously trialed that plan.

Can I upload my own videos for clipping?

Yes, you either clip videos you recorded on Zencastr or upload your own videos.

Are there limits to the number of videos I can clip?

No, there are no limits on the number of videos you can clip. Instead, the cost of clipping is a credits-based system. When you clip a video, a specific number of credits is deducted, with the length of the input video being the starting point for the credit deduction. Our paid plans come with a fixed number of credits per month, and you can buy additional credits as needed.